Raise the Barn Crop Mobs

South Merrill Community Garden resizedAfter years of organizing group volunteering days independently, in 2017 AUA and Slow Food Chicago have teamed up to co-organize “Raise the Barn Crop Mobs” at urban farms and gardens across the city of Chicago!

These unique, monthly events seek to raise the bar on traditional barn raisings by connecting innovative urban growing projects with some needed people power. Supporting different sites in different neighborhoods throughout the year, this campaign is a fabulous way to strengthen Chicago’s urban agriculture community, learn about new projects, connect with new friends and colleagues, and explore your city! Contact info@auachicago.org and follow us on Facebook to join the next one!

AUA Field Day


2017’s Raise the Barn Crop Mob sites include:

Would your site benefit from a group of motivated volunteers? Contact info@auachicago.org to see about us coming to you!

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