Advocates for Urban Agriculture (AUA) and Food:Land:Opportunity (FLO), a partnership between The Kinship Foundation and The Chicago Community Trust, funded by the Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust, are partnering to offer grant programs available to Chicagoland urban farm businesses in 2020.

COVID-19 Farmer Support Grant

AUA and partner organizations launched the COVID-19 Farmer Support Grant in April to provide Chicagoland food producers with immediate financial support to cover operating expenses and provide emergency food relief to their communities. Through both rounds of funding, 67 grants were awarded totaling over $120,000.

COVID-19 Farmer Support Grant Awardees (Round 1)

During our first round of Farmer Support Grants,  small grants of $500-$1,000 were granted to Chicagoland farm businesses who had been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and were in need of immediate financial support for one or more of the following purposes: farm supplies, farmer income support, food safety initiatives,  labor support, market adaptation. Below are the 32 recipients. 

  1. Anonymous Farm #1
  2. Anonymous Farm #2
  3. Bike a Bee
  4. Broadview Farms and Gardens
  5. Bronzeville Community Garden
  6. Catatumbo Cooperative Farm
  7. Cedillo’s Fresh Produce
  8. Chanticlare Farm
  9. Chicago Indoor Garden
  10. Chicago Patchwork Farm
  11. Earnest Earth
  12. Finding Justice: A Flower and Vegetable Garden
  13. Gardeneers
  14. Getting Grown Collective
  15. Global Garden Refugee Training Farm
  16. Good Vibes
  1. Growing Solutions Farm
  2. M’s Organic Sustainable Farm
  3. Middleton Preserves
  4. Mint Creek Farm
  5. Multiple Harvest LLC
  6. Nodding Onion Farm
  7. Orchard Village Farm
  8. OTIS Fresh Farm
  9. Purewater Aquaponics
  10. Run-A-Way Buckers Club
  11. Smooth and Social Roots LLC
  12. Star Farm Chicago
  13. The Urban Canopy
  14. Von Bergen’s Country Market
  15. Wash Tub Farms
  16. Your Bountiful Harvest Family Farm


COVID-19 Farmer Support Grant


COVID-19 Farmer Support Grant Awardees (Round 2)

During our second round of Farmer Support Grants,  we expanded our eligibility to include community gardens and collaborative projects while continuing to support farm businesses who had been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and were in need of immediate financial support for one or more of the following purposes: collaborative projects, emergency food response, farm supplies, farmer income support,  food safety initiatives,  labor support,  market adaptation. Below are the 35 recipients.

9 Community Gardens
Altgeld Sawyer Comer Garden, El Jardín De Las Mariposas, Heartland Alliance Chicago Farmworks, Lemon Balm Community Permaculture Garden, Anonymous, Otis Fresh Market, Park 540 Community Garden, Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation Community Garden, Trickster Cultural Center  

20 Farm Businesses

A&P Paradise Garden, B.S.S.R Youth Center/Academy Farm, Catatumbo Cooperative Farm, Cedillo’s Fresh Produce, Chicago Patchwork Farms, Earnest Earth, Fresher Together, Full Circle Fungi, Good Vibes Farm, Grow and Thrive, Growing Solutions, Iyabo Farms, Mother Carr’s Farm, Prarie Earth Farms, Star Farm Chicago, Stein Learning Garden, Three Bees, Wash Tub Farms, Anonymous, Your Bountiful Harvest Family Farm

6 Collaboratives Projects

Chicago Grows Food for Grow Your Groceries Campaign ( Stein Learning Gardens), Proyecto Colaborativo Mercado de Colores (Un Nuevo Despertar), Chicago Bread Club Collaborative Project  (Chicago Bread Club), The adventure Farm (Patchwork Farms), Farm.Food. Familia Mutual-Aid Meals (Getting Grown Collective), Fresher Together BIPOC Harvest Bag (Fresher Together). 

In Partnership with:

Capacity-Building Grant

Applications available this summer

The Capacity-Building Grant program was designed by and for Chicagoland farmers. Grants will range from $2,500-$20,000 and will empower Chicagoland urban farm businesses to expand their ability to produce and distribute locally grown food through increased operational support and capital projects. More information about this grant will be released in the coming months.