Advocates for Urban Agriculture (AUA) and Food:Land:Opportunity (FLO), a partnership between The Kinship Foundation and The Chicago Community Trust, funded by the Searle Funds at The Chicago Community Trust, are partnering to offer grant programs available to Chicagoland urban farm businesses in 2020.

 2020 Capacity Building Grant


This December, Advocates for Urban Agriculture (AUA) announced the names of 11 farm businesses awarded funding through their 2020 Capacity Building Grant.

Through the Capacity Building Grant, AUA received $410,000 worth of requests from Chicagoland growers wanting to scale up their operations and strengthen engagement with their surrounding communities. The number of applications and level of funding requests demonstrates the high volume of sustainable urban farm businesses in the Chicagoland region ready to take the next step by scaling up their operation.

AUA is proud to be supporting farms located in Chicagoland communities, led by growers who live, work, and resemble the communities in which they work. The Capacity Building grant was co-created by a group of Chicagoland-based growers who identified five guiding values for the program:

  • Holistic, Sustainable Growing Process & Practices
  • Community Engagement, Enrichments, Relationships, and Assets
  • Self-Determination, Justice, Equity, and Non-Exploitative practices
  • Transparent Process and Economic Growth
  • Collective Growth and Collaboration Trust

Beatrice Kamau, 2020 Capacity Building Grant Recipient with Multiple Harvest Farm, speaks to these very values. “The Grant will help scale up production and improve the quality of our produce,” says Kamau. “We are looking forward to continuing to grow vegetables that are popular among the African Immigrants [and] also sharing with all of Chicagoland communities.”

All of the Capacity Building Grant awardees lead operations in which more than 50% of the operation is owned, operated, and/or founded by BIPOC and trans, non-binary, and/or gender non-conforming gender individuals. This funding is supporting grantees who identify their communities as ones which include immigrants, the chronically ill, and people of color.

“Centering these diverse perspectives is one critical way in which urban agriculture organizations can continue to re-imagine our food system and make it increasingly equitable,” said Bea Fry, AUA’s Development Coordinator. 

2020 Capacity Building Grant Recipients:

  • 20,000 Awardee: Fresher Together
  • $10,000 Awardees: Cedillo’s Fresh Produce, Getting Grown Collective, Run-A-Way Buckers Club, Grow Thrive Farm
  • $5,000 Awardees: Iyabo Farms, Multiple Harvest, Bee-utiful Honey, BSRR Youth Center Academy and Farm
  • $2,500 Awardees: Catatumbo Cooperative Farm, Coleman Pharaoh’s Garden

For questions or comments, please contact Bea Fry at

For details on the application process, please review the 2020 resources available below.


Advocates for Urban Agriculture y Food:Land:Opportunity, una asociación entre el Kinship Foundation y el Chicago Community Trust, fundado por los Searle Funds en el Chicago Community Trust, se asocian ofrecer programas de subvenciones disponibles a empresas agrícolas de Chicagoland en 2020. 

Subvención del Desarrollo de Capacidad 2020 

Advocates for Urban Agriculture se complace en anunciar la subvención del Desarrollo de Capacidad 2020, disponible a empresas agrícolas urbanas de Chicagoland. El programa del Desarrollo de Capacidad es fundado por una asociación que tiene AUA con Food:Land:Opportunity y refleja un conjunto de valores cuáles eran establecidos por una cohorte de agricultores urbanos de Chicago. Esa subvención es diseñado priorizar empresas agrícolas que: 

  • Operadores pequeños – menos de 5 acres y/o tienen un presupuesto operativo anual menos de $250,000
  • Fundado por, propiedad de, y/o dirigido por BIPOC (Afroamericana, Indigena, y/o gente de color), o gente transgenero, no conforme al genero (GNC), y/o no binario (NB)
  • Proporcionando alimentación y otros servicios a comunidades de bajos ingresos

La subvención del Desarrollo de Capacidad ofrecerá subvenciones entre $2,500-$20,000 a empresas agrícolas para uno o más de los siguientes propósitos: Esfuerzos de Programación, Infraestructura, refrigeración, herramientos y equipo, apoyo laboral, apoyo logístico, habilidades y desarrollo empresarial. La solicitud está disponible y cerrará el sábado, 24 de octubre a las 11:59pm. Los premios se anunciarán la última semana de noviembre. 

Para ser elegible para la subvención, las empresas agrícolas deben estar en uno de los siguientes condados de Illinois: Cook, Lake, McHenry, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Grundy, Will or Kankakee. Las empresas agrícolas deben ser una entidad jurídica o en el proceso de convertirse en una entidad jurídica dentro de un año.

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