Organic Gardening Basics Class at the Garfield Park Conservatory

Wednesday, January 27th from 6:30 pm – 8 pm

6:30 pm – 8 pm

Organic Gardening Basics

Looking to invite an abundance of bees, birds, beetles and worms into your garden? Joining forces with these natural co-habitants will help you maintain the delicate balance of all the organisms in your yard, including yourself!  Kirsten Akre, from the Chicago Park District’s Kilbourn Park Organic Greenhouse, will discuss ways to encourage a diversity of life in your garden both above and below ground, as well as organic ways to grow healthy productive plants for food and enjoyment.

$5 suggested donation per person

(Registration not required.)

LOCATION: THE COMMUNITY ROOM @ the GARFIELD PARK CONSERVATORY, 300 N. Central Park Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60624


One Comment to “Organic Gardening Basics Class at the Garfield Park Conservatory”

  1. This year my community group broke ground for the first time, became certified through Green Corp, and need much advice and direction to keep our garden going. We also need support with finding funding for compost next year, and expanding to include some raised beds. We are looking for winter classes for members of our group to become more knowlegeable. Any help that you can offer is much appreciated. JoAnn Kennrer

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