Empty Bottle Farmers Market to Open Dec. 19

Ever wish Famers Markets lasted all year round so you could see the actual person who grew your wintry vegetables, made your tasty preserves or baked your delicious breads even when the weather outside is frightful?  Ever wish that if you had a particularly rough one and didn’t manage to peer your weary eyes outside to the sun until after noon you could still roll your toxic shell over to a Farmers Market and still get healthy deliciousness in the afternoon?

Enter the Empty Bottle Farmers Market, making its debut appearance on Saturday, December 19th.  Featuring 12 local vendors with everything from handspun wool to organic herbs and hand-sugared jellies, we present our version of a Farmers Market.  Tables will be set up in the Empty Bottle from 11am to 5pm, with vendors hawking their wears all afternoon to the back drop of the Empty Bottle’s favorite tunes and delicious beverages to warm you from the inside-out.  Entry is free, the booze will be flowing at our usual wallet friendly prices so you can spend your hard-earned cash on some home-grown food.

The Empty Bottle Farmers Market will be a monthly occurrence throughout the winter.  Our vendors for December 19 are selected, but if you’d like additional information about the Market and how to have goods considered for a place in the Bottle, email production@emptybottle.com.

Vendors participating include Videnovich Farms, Tomato Mountain Farm and Earth First Farms.


One Comment to “Empty Bottle Farmers Market to Open Dec. 19”

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