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  1. [Moved by web page adoinistratmr from original HaloScan comment box]:I think I have found the problem. We have gotten away from localized centers and too much emphasis on getting things right away and our time is too important.When I was a kid, it used to be that you would take a bus or two to get to a commercial center like Lincoln & Belmont, Lincoln & Irving, Irving & Milwaukee. And if you needed groceries you’d walk to the corner store or the supermarket was not too far away. Now people are driving farther to larger commercial centers to save money. If those of us who have the means could spend a little more and support the local (walking distance) stores, we could start to get back to that time. Romantic idea, but it would be nice. Fortunately, some neighborhoods, like Lincoln Park, have the density to support both small and large stores within walking distance.I am guilty of supporting Ikea also. Part of that is they have good prices, but the other is having modern furniture at reasonable prices. Unfortunately, they are so good at


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