Last Week in the Blogosphere

laptop-The Slow Cook discusses the implications of bottled water;

-Mr Brown Thumb makes DIY paper tube seeders for direct seed sowing;

-Jac Smit, the “Father of Urban Agriculture”, has a new Web site;

-Down on the Urban Farm points out, a matching service, pairing people with ag know-how but no space and people with space but no know-how;

-Campbell’s partners with Future Farmers of America to make available 22.5 million seeds of their famous tomato;

-Bizarre Chicago weather to have lasting effects on flora and fauna;

-From the Spring 2009 issue of Next American City, an interview with Dickson Despommier, one of the pioneers of vertical farming;

-A new book, Victory Gardens 2007+, re-imagines the original Victory Gardens wartime program.  Edited by Amy Franceschini, founder of the art collective Future Farmers in San Francisco.


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