Chicago Urban Agriculture Mapping Project

Google Maps

Satellite photo of Green Youth Farm (Washington Park/Dyett High School) via Google Maps

AUA’s Resources Working Group is working with the Chicago Urban Agriculture Mapping Project to inventory and map the thousands of urban agriculture projects (urban farms, community gardens, residential vegetable gardens, school gardens, etc.) underway across the Chicago metro area.

Each project will fill out a survey that will be used to create detailed project profiles, combining to present the clearest, most comprehensive picture of urban agriculture in Chicago to date.  Food outlets will have an easier time connecting with producers in their area, families and individuals will be able to find community gardens, farm stands and other projects happening nearby, and we as advocates will be able to better demonstrate the strength, vibrancy and potential of Chicago’s burgeoning urban agriculture movement… these are just a few of the benefits we expect this map and inventory to yield.  Read more about CUAMP in NPR’s coverage from last year!

To join the effort, contact Billy Burdett at


10 Responses to “Chicago Urban Agriculture Mapping Project”

  1. What is the timeline for having this information available? I’d like to find a place to grow this season that’s not my porch!


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