Local Food Economy Campaign

In October 2011, mayors and CEOs convened in Chicago with Mayor Emanuel and the First Lady and announced the expansion of major retail companies, including Walgreens and Walmart, in neighborhoods of Chicago deemed “food deserts.”  The Statement for Local Food Economy, developed by Advocates for Urban Agriculture, Angelic Organics Learning Center, BIG/Blacks in Green, and a growing coalition of supporters, offers an alternative vision, reinforcing the importance of local and neighborhood-based investments at this prime moment for redefinition of the city’s and nation’s economic vision and policy.

Please read the Statement and consider signing on to it, with your organizational affiliation and/or ward number, by filling out the form below (click here to find your ward number).  The most current version with additional signatures will continue to be updated on AUA’s website.

The Statement has been sent to the Mayor and First Lady, groups and lists, and interested members of the media.  We ask you to send the Statement to your friends and allies, aldermen and policymakers, and to talk with them about it and our growing coalition.

This coalition is also putting together a comprehensive document to show policy makers, funders, current and prospective food business owners, media, and the general public what a successful and vibrant local food economy could look like, and how we can get there.  Coalition members are currently interviewing locally owned grocers, co-ops, farmers markets, farm stands, restaurants and others that have already made a first step towards buying locally produced goods.

We need your help!  To join the effort contact Martha Boyd (Advocacy Working Group co-chair) at martha@learngrowconnect.org.  To view some of the work that has already been done on this project, click here.

Click here to find your ward number

(Chicago’s ward boundaries will change in 2015; click here to view WBEZ’s interactive map with the future boundaries)

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