Jobs & Paid Interships

If you have an urban/sustainable agriculture-related listing that you’d like posted here please send all pertinent information (preferably with a link to an online job description) to Billy Burdett at

Please note: In addition to the job posting sites listed at the bottom of this page, new listings can often be found at AUA’s Google Group before they are posted here.  Click here to access the group!


Advocates for Urban Agriculture (Chicago): Program Assistant (Part-time) Apply by 5/13/14

Experimental Station (Chicago): EBT Coordinator (Full-time, Seasonal)

Gary Comer Youth Center (Chicago): Urban Agriculture Instructor (Full-time)

GROW Woodlawn (Chicago): Garden Teacher (Part-time, seasonal)

Academy for Global Citizenship (Chicago): School Garden Coordinator (Part-time)

Urban Vocational Garden for Adults with Autism in IL Medical District (Chicago): Farmer/Grower

Food Tank (Chicago): Paid Internship (Part-time)

Growing Home, Les Brown Memorial Farm (Chicago and Marseilles, IL): Training Associate (Part-time, Seasonal)

The Smart Gardener (Chicago & suburbs): Professional Organic Food Gardener

Gethsemane Garden Center (Chicago): Multiple positions in the perennials, annuals, statuary, roses, greenhouse, inside/outside cashiers, delivery drivers, parking lot attendants, and trees/shrub departments (Full-time, Part-time, Seasonal)

Veg Head (Chicago): Crew

Openlands (Chicago): Community Greening Associate (Full-time)

City Escape (Chicago): Interiorscape/Tropical Plant Manager

The Organic Gardener Ltd. (North Shore, Highland Park): Garden Crew Member (Part-time, Seasonal)

Angelic Organics Learning Center (Chicago, Caledonia, Rockford, IL): Summer Farm Camp Leader, On-farm Initiative; On-Farm Educator; Farm Finance Program Coordinator

Chicago Botanic Garden (Glenco, IL): Assistant Horticulturalist (Full-time, Seasonal)

Tempel Farms Organics (Waukegan, IL): Field Crew Members, Livestock/Field Crew Member, Wash/Pack Coordinator, Cut Flower/Field Crew Member (All Full-time & Seasonal)

The Land Connection (Champaign, IL): Farmland Program Manager (Full-time) Apply by 5/1/14

Department of Crop Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Research Assistant (Cantonese or Mandarin speaker) (Part-time, Temporary)

World Wide Farms/Meyer Farms (Wauconda, IL): Garden/Farm Manager

Seed Savers Exchange (Northeast Iowa): Collection Curator; Hand Pollination Interns; Retail/Garden Staff; Preservation Horticultural Assistant; Preservation Garden Crew – Corn Hand Pollination; Preservation Pollination and Processing


More job posting sites (urban/sustainable agriculture-related positions in Chicago and nationwide):

Chicagoland Environmental Network

Foresight Design Initiative (Chicago area)

International Network for Urban Agriculture


Good Food Jobs


Sustainable Food Jobs





3 Responses to “Jobs & Paid Interships”

  1. I would like to post a position announcement but when I click on the link above it takes me straight to an error page. Is there another address that I can forward the announcement to? Thanks!

  2. Hi Marcia, thanks for alerting us to this! It will be fixed momentarily. In the meantime, you can always just copy and paste the email address listed above in order to email job info to the coordinator (the email address is current, but the link has broken for some reason).


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