Jobs & Paid Interships

If you have an urban/sustainable agriculture-related listing that you’d like posted here please send all pertinent information (preferably with a link to an online job description) to

Please note: In addition to the job posting sites listed at the bottom of this page, new listings can often be found at AUA’s Google Group before they are posted here.  Click here to access the group!


Urban Agriculture Opportunities in Chicago

Loyola University: Assistant Professor in Applied Plant Biology and Sustainable Agriculture


Related Opportunities in Chicago

Food Tank: Membership Director

Food Tank: Organizing Director

Food Tank: Research and Communications Paid Internships

Mercaris: Member Relations Associate

Door to Door Organics: Delivery Driver

Door to Door Organics: Warehouse Packer

Door to Door Organics: Location Manager

Gourmet Gorilla: Executive Chef

Gourmet Gorilla: Inventory & Recipe Specialist


Opportunities in the Greater Chicago Area

Angelic Organics Learning Center (Caledonia, IL):  Farm Finance Project Coordinator

Chicago Botanic Garden (Glencoe, IL): Assistant Horticulturalist (Full-time, Seasonal)

Angelic Organics Learning Center (Caledonia, IL): On-Farm Educator


More job posting sites (urban/sustainable agriculture-related positions in Chicago and nationwide):

Chicagoland Environmental Network

Foresight Design Initiative (Chicago area)

International Network for Urban Agriculture


Good Food Jobs


Sustainable Food Jobs


3 Responses to “Jobs & Paid Interships”

  1. I would like to post a position announcement but when I click on the link above it takes me straight to an error page. Is there another address that I can forward the announcement to? Thanks!

  2. Hi Marcia, thanks for alerting us to this! It will be fixed momentarily. In the meantime, you can always just copy and paste the email address listed above in order to email job info to the coordinator (the email address is current, but the link has broken for some reason).


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